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CWE Celebrates 8th Annual National Day on Writing

| Maria Lynch

The Center for Writing Excellence had a wonderful National Day on Writing this last school year. On October 20th, we celebrated writing with a variety of activities at tables around campus, including Two Sentence Horror Stories in Hibbard, Haikus for Cookies in Davies, Shakespearean Insults and a Collaborative Story in McIntyre, and a #WhyIWrite photo campaign in Centennial. With all of these activities, the CWE celebrated writing with students across campus.


            We had locations in Davies Center, Hibbard Hall, Centennial Hall, and McIntyre library. In the Davies Center, students wrote haikus for cookies. A couple fun Haikus any college student can relate to include:


“Sleep Sleep I need Sleep

The life of a college student

Food Food I need food”


“I need some coffee

or anything with caffeine

it’s an addiction”


In the Hibbard Hall, between classes students celebrated writing by creating two-sentence horror stories. One UWEC student wrote,

“I stopped singing in the middle of a song and a strange voice finished the phrase. I was alone in the house.”

In the McIntyre library location for the CWE, students were brought together through Shakespearean insults and a collaborative story wall. Students combined phrases from Shakespearean plays to tell each other to “prick thy face” you “unable worms” and referred to one another as a “poisonous bunch-backed toad!” In the CWE location, students worked together to write a collaborative story on the glass walls of the CWE, taking turns adding sentences to create one story.

In Centennial, the #Why I Write table received a great collection of responses from students and faculty. People took their picture with a white board telling everyone what their “Why” was. Answers ranged from humorous to serious and personal to academic.

The 8th Annual National Day on Writing offered a fun way for UWEC to come together through writing activities and celebrations. Mark on your calendars October 20th, 2018, to celebrate with the CWE again next year!