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Women's Studies faculty affiliates to serve as EDI fellows

Dr. Mary Canales, associate professor of nursing and a women's studies affiliate, and Dr. David Jones, associate professor of English and women's studies, will serve as the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire's next equity, diversity and inclusivity fellows.

As EDI fellows, Canales and Jones will work with departments across campus, the University Senate and university administration to identify and promote best practices to advance EDI efforts. This is the third appointment of an EDI fellowship and the first to be a split appointment.

"This split appointment of the EDI fellowship shows the strength of our faculty and our determination as a university to continue to advance our efforts to promote diversity and maintain an inclusive environment," Provost Patricia A. Kleine said of the appointment of Canales and Jones.

Both Canales and Jones believe two people at the helm of the fellowship will broaden the scope of what can be accomplished.

"It will be valuable having two of us," Canales said. "We bring different perspectives in working with students and working with faculty."

"I am very much looking forward to it," Jones said. "Having two people allows us to have more coverage for different parts of the campus."

Canales and Jones agree changes in the educational landscape will mean changes in how universities develop equitable, diverse and inclusive environments.

"There has been so much change around liberal education," Canales said. "So how do we integrate those changes and how to we improve the classroom climate?"

Jones said advancing EDI ideals at UW-Eau Claire continues to require a coordinated effort between faculty, admissions and recruitment.

"We need to keep asking, where are we doing well and where can we improve?" Jones said. "What are the changes in demographics and what can we do in recruitment of those changing populations?"

Canales joined the UW-Eau Claire nursing department in 2009. She received a bachelor's degree in nursing from UW-Madison in 1983, a master's degree in nursing administration from Georgetown University in 1989 and a doctorate in nursing from UW-Madison in 1998.

Jones joined the English department at UW-Eau Claire in 2000. He received a bachelor's degree in English and secondary education from the University of Iowa in 1985, a master's degree in English language and literature from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas in 1990 and a doctorate in English language and literature in 2000 from the University of Minnesota.

Canales and Jones will replace Dr. Selika Ducksworth-Lawton, associate professor of history, who has served in the rotating EDI fellow position since May 2010.