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Stakes of Intersectionality: Advocacy, Coalition, & Equity

On April 28, Dr. Melinda Brennan gave a talk titled “Stakes of Intersectionality: Advocacy, Coalition, & Equity.” According to Dr. Brennan, intersectionality is a critical lens, a mode of thinking that requires action and encourages supportive work across difference. With this talk, she hopes to spark a dialogue about gender, race, working across difference, together, as community members with a shared purpose in a dedicated space.

Dr. Melinda Brennan is the Assistant Chair of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. She earned her doctorate in Gender Studies from Indiana University. Her transdisciplinary work operates at the intersection of gender, race, and sexuality, studying the politics of inclusion and rejection, as well as hate speech and violence. As a scholar and educator of the margins and on the margins, she works to increase inter-group community and activism.

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