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New Public Health Major

Are you interested in learning about the epidemiology of corona viruses, like COVID 19?
Do you want to apply your passion for justice to address health disparities?
Ever wonder how health policies in the US work and how to make them better?

Explore how a public health major can connect to your passions and interests.

The new Public Health major at UW Eau Claire offers high impact real-world learning experiences to equip students with the knowledge and skills to protect and promote the health and well-being of populations and communities. Core courses expand student knowledge of public health principles and practices, epidemiology, health policy, and demography. Students then select courses from a diversity of departments across campus to gain additional expertise or to connect to other fields of interest. The major concludes with students applying their skills and interests to a final capstone experience of their choosing which may include internships, research experiences, or public health education and outreach campaigns.

The major is designed so students can connect public health to other academic disciplines in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. It is easy to double major in public health or pursue certificates and minors.

Where can a public health major take me?

Undergraduate majors in public health are well prepared to:

  • Pursue a graduate degree in public health or other health-related are of interest
  • Serve as a program assistant with an international health organization
  • Work as a research assistant in disease prevention and health promotion at a local or state agency or nonprofit organization
  • Carry out health assessments at work sites
  • Work at a company that does health communication and health marketing
  • Respond to calls at an infectious disease hotline

The field of public health is waiting for you. To find out more, contact Dr. Karen Mumford: