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Women's Study alum in action

I graduated with a double major in Women’s Studies and Communication Studies in December 2013 from UW Eau Claire. Since graduation I have received an internship with Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, was promoted as manager of a successful coffee shop and more recently (November 2015) I have been hired as a Prevention Specialist at the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin. I absolutely think that my Women’s Studies major has helped me not only in my professional life but my personal one as well. I have developed a secure confidence in myself, advanced communication skills and a feminist lens which helps me interpret and analyze the economic, political, social and psychological oppressions of people.

 My current position at the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin calls for non-judgmental provision of services to an often marginalized and silenced population; people who have a history of injection drug use as well as other individuals who have a high risk for HIV. My women’s studies major has definitely aided in my understanding that people do not fit in the many limiting categories developed by society, but rather we all have complex identities which cannot be defined by a single behavior. For example, the clients I work with are not just “heroin addicts,” they are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, professionals, and members of our community.

I started college fall of September 2009 with no particular major in mind. By sophomore year after several Women’s Studies classes, I was so passionate and eager to learn more that I had no doubt that Women’s Studies was going to be my major.  I cannot imagine a more useful degree than Women’s Studies in both my professional and personal life!