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Welcome Warm-Up competitors

| Gretchen Hutterli

A warm welcome to the students, coaches and judges visiting the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire for the 10th Annual Great Northwoods Sales Warm-Up, October 20-22. This year's competition showcases the talents of more than 60 "hot" marketing and sales students from 21 universities located in 13 states from across the United States.

Student competitors will participate in two, 20-minute sales role play with a business professional acting as a buyer. This year students will be selling Hormel's Fuse Chicken & Turkey Burgers. View sales scenario.

A panel of sales managers from sponsoring companies will evaluate students on all elements of the sales call, such as were the needs of the buyer uncovered, and were objections handled to the buyer’s satisfaction. Competitors are also judged on their communication skills, analytical skills and professionalism. The best overall salesperson will receive $1,500, a trophy, and a custom suit from Tom James valued at $1,000. Cash prizes and trophies also will be given to the 1st runner-up ($1,000), second runner-up ($750), and each school champion ($150).

A schedule of events can be found at

Our thanks to Hormel Foods and SUPERVALU, platinum sponsors of the competition, and our other corporate sponsors. A complete list of sponsors can be found at

The Great Northwoods Sales Warm-Up is a national collegiate competition hosted by the UW-Eau Claire Center for Sales & Sales Management in the Department of Management & Marketing. For more information about The Warm-Up, contact Dr. Bob Erffmeyer, director. 

2016 Participating Universities

Aurora University - Aurora, IL
Shawn Green, faculty coach

  • Lauren Anderson
  • Allison Brooke
  • Brad Kigyos

Baylor University - Waco, TX
Andrea Dixon, faculty coach
Taylor Dixon, assistant coach
Kelsey Lofstedt, assistant coach

  • Melanie Moore
  • Caleb Simmons
  • Clay Tinkham

Elon University - Elon, NC
Erin Gillespie, faculty coach
Nawar Chaker, faculty coach

  • Brett Huntley
  • Marissa Kashmanian
  • Sophie Pearson
  • Alternate: Emily Freirich

Florida State University - Tallahassee, FL
Michael Hartnett, faculty coach

  • Brian Dolan
  • Hailey Dudley
  • Wyatt Harvey
  • Alternate: Kaitlin Krause
  • Alternate: Madison Marshall

Illinois State University - Normal, IL
Duleep Delpechitre, faculty coach

  • Evan Nowak
  • Jacob Tkachuk
  • Brandon Tran

Kansas State University - Manhattan, KS
Dawn Deeter, faculty coach
David Lehman, faculty coach

  • Jacqueline Clawson
  • Racya Doyle

Kennesaw State University - Kennesaw, GA
Terry Loe, faculty coach

  • Fernando Gomez
  • Kristen Grodd
  • Zachary Newsome
  • Alternate: Megan Colapinto

Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge, LA
Greg Accardo, faculty coach

  • Del Baker
  • Matt Miller
  • Mirijam Stewart

North Dakota State University - Fargo, ND
Mike Krush, faculty coach

  • Roger Dickerson
  • Talia Lucken
  • Reid Sagehorn

Ohio University - Athens, OH
Debbie Arnold, faculty coach

  • Lawrence Nwajei
  • Brady O'Brien
  • Nick Snook

Plymouth State University - Plymouth, NH
Bob Nadeau, faculty coach

  • Jeremy Buckley
  • Tom Galanes
  • Michaela Taffe

University of Texas at Arlington - Arlington, TX
Raj Agnihotri, faculty coach

  • Michael Baker
  • Michael Barrett
  • Elyssa Whaley

University of Texas at Dallas - Dallas, TX
Howard Dover, faculty coach
Sam Konings, student coach

  • Cameron Allen
  • Erin Franc
  • Alexandra Georgescu
  • Alternate: Mirra Gutman

University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond, OK
Bob Kaiser, faculty coach

  • Autumn Ackerman
  • Lindsey Bruce
  • Cole Casteel

University of Cincinnati - Cincinnati, OH
John Cox, faculty coach

  • Michael Hargis
  • Daniel Rice
  • Nick Thomas
  • Alternate: Austin Cox
  • Alternate: Demetrius Kinney

University of Dayton - Dayton, OH
Tony Krystofik, faculty coach

  • Kelsey Abunassar
  • Bob Campbell
  • Kristen Peters
  • Alternate: Danny Flynn

University of Minnesota - Minneapolis, MN
Roy Gaddey, faculty coach

  • Matt Ostiek
  • Donny Tabery
  • Marissa Veurink

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire - Eau Claire, WI
Jessica Gardner, faculty coach

  • Patrick Gotham
  • Danielle Siegle
  • Somer Soli
  • Alternate: Austin Samsa

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse - La Crosse, WI
Stacy Trisler, faculty coach
Kayla Peterson, student coach

  • Adam Letto
  • Benjamin Stauss
  • Mikayla Williams
  • Alternate: Alicia Roberts

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater - Whitewater, WI
Jimmy Peltier, faculty coach

  • Kathryn Christy
  • Stephanie Mueller
  • Benjamin Zbikowski
  • Alternate: Megan Devroy
  • Alternate: Matt Young

Winona State University - Winona, MN
Marianne Collins, faculty coach

  • Marissa Ausen
  • Nick Schroeder
  • Lynne Tolvstad