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UEC Students Present at CERCA

Stephanie Larson, Megan Ponty, and Abby Williamson presented "Czech Republic: Early Childhood in Prague" at 2017 CERCA. This presentation was on the international immersion to Prague over summer 2016. The program provided students with a broader prospective of the early childhood profession through critically analyzing and reflecting on one's behaviors and attitudes related to teaching children from diverse linguistic, ability, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds.  The program was based in Prague where students stayed with host families and volunteered at an English Immersion primary school but also included travel to historical and cultural sites in Germany, Austria, and Poland. The faculty mentors for this program were Cathy Thorsen and Kirstin Rossi.

The three students also presented on "Evaluating Reflective Artifacts through the Use of the Developmental Continuum of Reflection on/for Action (DCRo/fA).