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tickling the ivories AND tapping into technology

A lot of people are surprised that I made the leap from studying music at UW-Eau Claire to starting a software company. I honestly believe that we couldn't have done this successfully if I hadn't had my background in music. My piano teacher taught me to put myself in the shoes of the listener and see how they react. We've applied that same lesson to everything we do at JAMF. I see so much value in a liberal arts education. When we first started out everyone had to wear different hats, and they weren't all for something we were experts in. You had to learn enough to appear to be an expert but also to perform as one. My liberal arts education taught me how to research topics I'm not an expert in so I could perform as one. There are many artists and creative people who have liberal arts educations who work at JAMF Software. A certain kind of person tends to be successful both in the arts and at JAMF Software. We find that often people who have a talent for being creative are good problem-solvers. Not surprisingly, we hire a lot of Blugolds.