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Thank you for sharing your Blugold Buoys!

Pat Delehanty '10, marketing graduate

At the end of my freshman year (which was a bit of an academic disaster) my academic advisor retired and I was assigned a new advisor — LaNette Flunker, who retired from the College of Business in 2017. She took on the role of my academic advisor, my "Intro to Marketing" instructor, the advisor to my student group (PSE), my "Professional Selling" instructor, my "Advanced Sales" instructor and my "Advanced Sales Topic” instructor for the National Sales Competition. Somewhere along the way she also assumed her most important and influential role in my life as my “Blugold Mom.”

Every Blugold struggles at times, whether academically, personally or professionally. Without the right navigation we can become easily lost. We have to have a support system of people who will lift us up and tell us what we need to hear (not what we want to hear) and push us to succeed and grow. LaNette could do all those things during a 10-minute drop-in meeting and make you feel like you could take on the world.

My success as a Blugold was a direct reflection of the people I spent time with during those four years. The lessons my “Blugold Mom” taught me will be used the rest of my life, and I will teach others the same.  

Diane Erickson Huebner '86, music-choral education graduate

Dr. Richard Fletcher, who retired in 2011 as a professor emeritus of music, sold me his old clarinet when I needed an upgrade for my applied clarinet lessons. It was a wonderful bargain and gift and, at the time, I didn't realize what a treasure it was. I have used it every year since then to teach music as well as play in a community band and my church band.

A second Blugold Buoy for me would be all the resources and encouragement I received through my years of teaching from Dr. Susan Tarnowski, a retired music faculty member and dean. She gave her students so many ideas that I have put into practice, and I enjoy staying in touch with her through holiday cards!

Thank you, Pat and Diane, for sharing your Blugold Buoys!