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Sign Up for Cultural Immersion this Summer

Deadlines are approaching for students to sign up for cultural immersion in the summer of 2018. The Economics department is offering two study abroad programs allowing students to explore either Argentina or China this summer. Both programs are faculty-led and run a total of three weeks beginning at the end of May to the middle of June.

Those interested in exploring Argentina will be guided by Dr. Rose-Marie Avin and Dr. Karen O'Day to the city of Mendoza. Here, students will earn credit in either Econ 390 or LAS 390, gaining knowledge in Argentina's history, geography, culture and current economy. Students will learn about Argentina through a variety of ways including lectures, field trips, and their host family.

For those interested in traveling to China for the summer, Dr. Maria DaCosta will be leading students to explore various cities of China including Zhuhai and Hong Kong. Earning credit in INTB 362/562, students will travel to China learning about their culture, language, and business practices. There will be a combination of lectures and field trips in order to gain a deeper understanding of China.

Both of these programs total cost is approximately $5,500, including costs of credits, room, food, and airfare. The University and Economics department also offers scholarships in order to help students fund their journey.

Those considering studying in Argentina should contact Dr. Avin or Dr. O’Day to schedule an appointment.

Students considering traveling to China should contact Dr. DaCosta or Shanti Freitas, UW-Eau Claire Intercultural Immersion coordinator, UW-Eau Claire Academic Affairs.

Priority deadlines for both programs are November 15th or until these programs are closed. Students may apply through the program website.