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Sound Engineer Joins Department

| Anna Loughridge '22

We can all learn something from Lena Sutter.

 “I knew I wanted to record when I was young. It quickly became a dream of mine” says the young, star recording artist, Lena Sutter. Born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, she was certain that she wanted to have recording in her life forever. She went on to follow that dream at the University of Michigan where she studied Electrical Engineering and Sound Engineering. Sutter found success right away after graduation, landing a job with Shure Microphones. However, after several successes, she knew she wanted to work in the studio.

Scrolling through Instagram, like any average person these days, Sutter came across a not so average opportunity. Bon Iver advertised that they were looking for a Pro Tool’s operator. Intrigued and feeling spontaneous, Lena sent her resume in to the band. Only a few weeks later, Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) called and offered her a job. My experience is “unreal across the board” says Lena. “All I could think was this is terrifying, but I want to do it.” In a matter of months after graduation, Lena Sutter was living her dream.

Today, her dream lives on as she reaches ends that any dreaming recording artist in the world wishes they could. The young artist and engineer suddenly found herself at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire this past November, ready to continue making her mark. “Things just kept getting bigger and better” she says. She is currently working as a sound engineer, managing the brand-new recording studio at the Pablo and Confluence Center. In addition to maintaining the studio, she records student and faculty projects and teaches an introduction to Recording Arts class.

UW-Eau Claire has never had access to a recording studio before and has never had a recording arts program. Once Lena Sutter made her way to Eau Claire, the whole Music Program, University and Eau Claire community knew that they were in for more than they could’ve ever dreamed of. Today, you can find a brand-new recording studio at the Pablo Center with an up and going recording arts program, currently offering a recording arts certificate to any and all UW-Eau Claire students.

We can all learn something from Lena Sutter.

Her advice to current UW-Eau Claire students – “Never stop working. It’s easy to breeze through college with a solid GPA. It isn’t easy to actually get something out of all your classes. Every opportunity you get, fight to learn and understand – you will exceed everyone’s expectations including your own.”