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McNair Featured Scholar - Meet Delaney!

Delaney Collins is a fourth year Psychology and Social Work major at the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire and from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Currently, she is conducting undergraduate research, under the guidance of Dr. Jennifer Muehlenkamp, on the capability and comfortability of midwestern university’s counseling center staff in regards of working with students with schizophrenia. Her goal is to obtain a Ph. D in Clinical Psychology and work with individuals diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illnesses, specifically schizophrenia. Delaney plans to utilize her graduate research experience to better understand schizophrenia disorder, in attempts to apply her knowledge when working with future clients.  

Delaney’s greatest passion is her education.  She works to incorporate her two majors together, as she believes in client-centered treatment, and upholding dignity and respect for all individuals. Her Social Work degree has taught her to recognize the background factors of clients' lives and how that affects their current situations. As a future clinician, Delaney hopes to make her services accessible to all of those experiencing extreme psychological distress and psychosis.