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Making it Big on Broadway

| John Francis '22

Self-discipline, work ethic, motivation: these traits having been a driving factor for Jeremy Miloszewicz (’96) throughout his over twenty-year career as a Broadway trumpet player in New York City. “I have to give an enormous amount of credit to Mr. Baca and the music program at UW-Eau Claire for where I am today”, Miloszewicz said, “I don’t know where I would be without it.”

Growing up in Cameron, WI, he credits his friend, Barry Kamrath, high school band director, Michael Joosten, and trumpet teacher, Bill Buchholz for getting him fired up about the trumpet.

“Those three individuals inspired me to keep playing and eventually introduced me to UWEC and Mr. Baca. Once I saw the musicianship and quality of program at Eau Claire, I knew it was the place for me.”

While at UWEC, Miloszewicz took advantage of every opportunity that came his way. He recalled playing gigs at the Mandarin Club and performing with the Disney All-American Band at Epcot in the summer of 1993. Even after these incredible accomplishments, his first ‘big break’ came in the winter of 1994 when he auditioned for the pit of the musical MISS SAIGON for the grand reopening of the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis.

“They didn’t want to hire a student, but Mr. Baca was gracious enough to recommend me and after the audition, they hired me on the spot.”

After MISS SAIGON, he performed in five other nationally-touring musicals at the Orpheum and completed a 12-week stint playing first trumpet in the Glenn Miller Orchestra—all before graduating in 1996.

When asked how he felt UW-Eau Claire prepared him to reach the musical level he now holds, he said, “I learned to treat triumph and disaster the same, by not getting too high with my successes and too low with my defeats. I just have to stay the course and not let those things affect me.”

Currently, Miloszewicz lives in New York City playing Lead Trumpet in HELLO DOLLY at the Shubert Theatre on Broadway.