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Incorporating Unique Performance Practices in Percussion

The UW-Eau Claire Percussion Ensemble featuring members Katie Miller, Jackson Prestley, North Skager, and Olivia Sletteland performed the world premiere of David Crowell’s “Cascades” this past fall concert in November.  The university was part of a consortium conceived and organized by Dr. Jeffery Crowell, Professor of Music and percussion faculty member at UW-Eau Claire.  It featured many prominent professional groups and other universities including:  Third Coast Percussion, Sandbox Percussion, Boston Conservatory, and the University of North Texas.  The composer incorporated some unique performance practices including taping coins on vibraphone bars and wrapping mallet heads in plastic wrap to creative a unique sonic experience.  The ensemble will be heading into the Pablo Art Center’s recording studio to work with Lena Sutter on recording the piece this coming school year.  Please enjoy this recording of the work!