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Goal-Oriented Leader AND Self-Aware Supervisor

| Jessica Buchman

Joan Kelly, Customer Service Manager, Silver Spring, earned her Supervisory Management Certificate in the spring of 2017.  When Joan began at Silver Spring less than 2 years ago, she was new to the food industry and was hesitant to speak up in meetings, lacking confidence and experience.

“Before completing the Supervisory Management Certificate Program, I would not have shared my opinions in a group setting.  Now, I have the confidence to ask questions and know that my opinions and my questions are valid and they do have a place, even if I am new to this industry.  I know this program gave me the self-awareness and confidence to speak up in these situations.”

For Joan, the Effective Change Management course was one of her favorites in the series.  She still keeps the “change cycle” map up on her file cabinet.  “For me, it is important to remember that my staff and I may be in different places when it comes to dealing with change.  I now know that it is critical that I check-in with them and it helps for me to empathize with them, remembering how I first felt when the change or information was shared with me.”

Joan notes, “My team recognizes the change that this program has had for me.  As a manager, I take more time to talk to them about their personal and professional goals.  I helped a team member take online technology and leadership classes.  After completing several classes, she told me that I was the first person to empower her to take classes and recognize her as a person with goals and aspirations.  That was a powerful moment for me as a supervisor.”

For Joan, completing the Supervisory Management Certificate Program was not the end, but rather, the beginning.  She notes the program has refueled her passion for learning and she wants to keep focusing on professional development for both her and her team.  This drive and proactive approach is instilled throughout the Supervisory Management Program.  Participants continually come away asking, “what can I do today that will create a better future for my company and my life?”