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Experts in their field

| Sandy Taylor

Local news outlets often turn to universities for expert advice and information, and UW-Eau Claire is rich source of both.

When the Dow Jones industrial average hit a record high earlier this year, the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram sought local experts for input on the steep upward trend. Dr. Thomas Kemp, chair of the economics department at UW-Eau Claire, was happy to share his expertise.

Kemp told the Leader-Telegram that the actual number was not as significant as the overall trend line, pointing out that during the ongoing recovery from the Great Recession, the trajectory of the market has been "generally upward." Jan. 27, 2017: Holy Dow! Stock index hits 20,000 milestone

The Leader-Telegram recently spoke with Dr. Kemp again, this time to ask his opinion on the local economy. In the March 12 story, Kemp seemed generally optimistic about the economic climate of the Eau Claire area.

“Household incomes are continuing to rise,” he said, adding that local unemployment figures are at a level considered "full employment."

Kemp is not the only member of UW-Eau Claire's faculty and administration represented as local experts in the media. If you follow the local news on a regular basis, you will soon note that the university is involved in the community in many ways.

Commenting on the calls from the Leader-Telegram, Dr. Kemp said, “The department of economics at UWEC values its relationships with the community and takes seriously its role as part of a public institution. We take it as part of our mission to provide economic information and education not just to our students but the community as a whole.”