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DNP Project and MSN Scholarly Project Presentation Day, May 4th

Twenty-eight Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and two Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) students will present their scholarly research projects beginning at 11:30am on Wednesday, May 4th. Students are scheduled to present every 30 minutes. The presentations will be at the College of Nursing in rooms N104, N114, and N119. There will be a celebratory reception following the presentations at 4:30 in the Learning Resource Center.

The event is the culmination and highlight of the program, providing students with an opportunity to showcase their clinical expertise and scholarly work.

Family, friends, and community partners may to watch the presentations via a ZOOM but are also welcome in-person.

Please contact Graduate Program Support, Patricia McGregor for ZOOM links. 


11:30     Nicole Bjerke - Improving Self-Efficacy in CHF Patients: A Quality Improvement Project

12:00     Madelyn Neumann - Evaluation of a Buprenorphine Educational Toolkit for Providers

12:30     Meegan Bassett - Improving Advance Care Planning Among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

1:00       Rebekah Wink - Trauma Informed Care and Utilization of the Adverse Childhood Experiences Screening Tool in Primary Care: A Quality Improvement Project

1:30        Amy Meyer - Addressing the Academic-Practice Gap in Nursing: Approaches for Engaging Clinical Partners in Curricular Initiatives to Promote Practice-Readiness

2:00        Katie Seybold - Implementation of an Educational Intervention to Improve Antibiotic Stewardship and Prescribing Practices for Acute Bronchitis

2:30        Jennifer Meacham - Increasing Primary Care Provider Awareness of Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) Through an Educational Session

3:00        Jamie Smith - Nurse Practitioner Student Preparedness and Confidence in the OB-GYN Clinical Rotation

3:30        Gail Marquardt-Kujawa - Improving Oncology Nurses Knowledge and Confidence Surrounding Discussion of Fertility Practices in the Adult Inpatient Cancer Patient: An Educational Intervention

4:00         Heidi Huber - Expanding Health Screening, Prevention Measures, and Outreach in Rural Farming Communities



11:30      Margo Eaton - Computer Based Logistics Orientation Effect on Student Preparedness and Preceptors Burden

12:00      Elizabeth Kurtti - Quality of Life and Depression in Radiation Oncology Patients: A Quality Improvement Project Using Three Good Things

12:30       Adam Maslonka - Piloting Two-Person Foley Catheter Insertion Technique in a Midwestern Hospital

1:00         Kymberly Carrier - A Quality Improvement Project to Reduce the Rehospitalization Rates of Short-Stay Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Residents

1:30         Abby Hinz - Prepping for Prep: Program Development in a Local Health Department Clinic

2:00         Shelby Olek - Program Evaluation of the Student Education Team in Family Medicine

2:30         Taylor Effertz - Creation and Implementation of a Standardized Protocol in an Outpatient Cancer Clinic to Screen, Refer, and Improve Onsite Palliative Care Services

3:00          Laurel Lendle - Evaluation of Knowledge Attainment Pertaining to Wellness Education for Older Adolescents Enrolled in a Competency Component Health Requirement in a Public Secondary Academic Setting

3:30          Delphine Murzello - Antiracism, Implicit Bias, Health Equity Series

4:00          John Spencer - Addressing the Nursing Workforce Shortage Through Proposed Healthcare Academy



11:30         Lyndsey Strang - Nurse Practitioner Student Preparedness for Pediatric Clinical Experiences and Confidence in Pediatric Examination Skills

12:00         Tara Johnson - Educating Health Care Staff on Commercial Tobacco Cessation

12:30         Anna Smugala - Evaluating Video as an Educational Resource for Training Advance Practice Providers

1:00           Allison Nowaskey - Improving Urgent Care Providers' Knowledge and Self-Efficacy with Orthopedic Splinting Through Educational Videos

1:30           Leah Much - Barriers to Palliative to Hospice Transition and Effectiveness of Difficult Conversation Guide on Conversion Rate

2:00           April Byers - Using Preoperative Education in Prostatectomy Patients to Increase Patient Satisfaction and Self Efficacy and Increase Nurse Efficiency at Patient Discharge: A Doctor of Nursing Practice Project Proposal

2:30           Ellen Jacobs - A Pilot Project to Enhance Students' Self-Directed Learning on an Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialty Education Team

3:00           Lia Pender - Piloting the Use of a Mindfulness App in a Family Practice Setting

3:30           Kelsey Smith - Improving Intimate Partner Violence Victim Screening and Referral in a Midwestern Outpatient Clinic

4:00           Andrea LeClair - Diabetic Educational Intervention for Student Providers Within a Family Practice Clinic