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devoted teacher AND groundbreaking researcher

By his third year as a UW-Eau Claire faculty member, Dr. Matt Jewell had already established himself as an internationally known scholar for his work on research to improve superconductor technology in the medical and science fields. In 2013 he received a $750,000 U.S. Department of Energy grant for his faculty-student research. But Jewell's high-profile work in the lab hasn't distracted him from his first priority; being accessible, patient and devoted teacher. His dedication to students was rewarded when a student nominated him for a university award through the Services for Students with Disabilities Office. "His continued devotion to his students in making sure they continue moving forward in their education and his inexhaustible patience for all those redundant questions makes him a perfect candidate for this prestigious award," the student wrote. Matt Jewell is a devoted teacher AND groundbreaking researcher.