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Dalhoe receives award

Carmen Manning, Dean of the College of Education and Human Sciences, presented Dr. Angela Dalhoe with the Jeff Oliphant Blugold Spirit Award at the 2017 Scholarship Reception. Below is Dr. Rose Battalio's nomination letter.

Being a Blugold faculty member is not just a position for Dr. Angela Dalhoe, it is a passion, a way of being, a marker of excellence. Her enduring belief for what the department, college and university is striving to achieve makes her a worthy candidate for the Jeff Oliphant Award. The best way to illustrate her work is through three areas: student support; collaboration across campus initiatives (assessment, EDI, innovative coursework); and leadership in scholarship/research, community support, and campus initiatives.

Angela teaches SPED 200: Introduction to Diverse Learners. Her classes are full of freshman or undeclared students who are seeking support, guidance, or a bit of connection to a very new world. Angela delights in these interactions and connections. Her door is always open to make sure these connections go beyond the classroom. With a supportive smile, she takes care of students who may need that extra bit of support to thrive at UWEC.

Outside of teaching, she supports students through activities such as co-advising for Student Council for Exceptional Children, being a College Coach, participating at department meet and greets, and presenting at multiple Blugold Beginning activities. Another valuable activity is her therapy dog visits. She and Frankie visit with university students, especially during exam weeks.

Collaborating with others is another hallmark of Angela’s practices. Because she holds high expectations for her own practice and professionalism, collaboration is a necessity. Whether it is coursework, committee work, or scholarship, Angela will step up and become involved, for example, working as a supervisor for the LEAP clinic, supporting faculty to use innovative technology, co-chairing the department’s assessment committee, working with ES secondary education faculty to collaborate across courses, co-directing a first-year teacher mentor group, being a member of College EDI committee, and being the IHE representative for the DPI CD support teacher meeting. Additionally, Angela has worked closely with others to become a department expert in the new LE format.

Angela demonstrates the dispositions of a true collaborative leader. Angela takes pride in supporting the development of successful and sought-after new teachers. Her willingness to strive for excellence demands that she takes ownership of her leadership qualities. She shows true leadership through her caring support of others. She shares her knowledge with local teachers by presenting at conferences such as Wisconsin Transition Conferences. She presents to regional teachers about improving their co-teaching options. She works with students on multiple faculty/student research grants to increase their understanding of research practices. She engages in professional conversations with students, with others at conferences, and in articles in national journals. Even her student evaluations reveal that students appreciate her passion and leadership.

Finally, she sought to improve her own teaching/researching skills by being a Wisconsin Teaching Fellow. Her fearlessness to learn is the best illustration of her leadership and passion in our field. Based on the qualities of passionate participation, collaboration, dedication to high standards, and leadership, I strongly believe that Dr. Angela Dalhoe is a worthy recipient of the Jeff Oliphant Blugold Spirit Award.