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May 2018 Honors Graduates

| Sydney Schoeberle

May 2018 sees the most University Honors Graduates ever

71 students are graduating with University Honors this weekend, making May 2018 a record-breaking semester for the University Honors Program. There are 95 University Honors graduates total for the 2017-2018 academic year, meaning this year there will be more students to walk across the stage in Zorn with Honors gold medallions than the program has ever seen before!

Special congratulations are in order for each and every one of these graduates. As is true for the Honors Program as a whole, these students come from disciplines all across campus, and have made significant strides in research, professional development, civic engagement, and more.

Lian Arzbecker with her fellow cross country teammates
Lian Arzbecker (right) with her fellow cross country teammates

Communications sciences and disorders major and Honors graduate Lian Arzbecker reflects this by pursuing research, running for the cross country team, and partaking in Athletes in Action while attending UW-Eau Claire. Arzbecker says she is most proud of representing the Blugolds at the NCAA National Cross Country Championships in 2016, and presenting at the 2017 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Conference in Los Angeles during her undergraduate career.

Arzbecker also participated in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning program to develop and assess new curriculum, and partially credits Honors with her love of research, saying “the University Honors Program helped me realize that I wanted to pursue a research-based degree because of the colloquium courses I took, with research article-based classes.”

Madison Bacon studying abroad in Scotland
Madison Bacon studying abroad in Scotland

Several of these May graduates took advantage of study abroad too. Honors graduate and psychology and creative writing double major Madison Bacon was involved in several undergraduate research projects as part of the Blugold Fellowship, including one project while studying abroad in Scotland.

“My summer study abroad program in Scotland was the most rewarding and challenging experience of college,” says Bacon. “It was my first experience being so far from home on my own, and I learned a lot about myself from it and grew a lot. It was hard to be so far away, and to adapt to the new environment, but in the end, it is one of the best experiences I've ever had.”

Destiny Cobbs, management major and Honors graduate, also had the opportunity to study abroad in Costa Rica and participate in Blugold athletics the past four years. Her time on the UW-Eau Claire gymnastics team even led her to becoming a Jr. Blugold Program director.

“One of my most rewarding experiences in college was coordinating and helping coach our Jr. Blugold gymnastics program. The program helps fund the University's gymnastics team, so along with giving back to my team, I also experienced a lot of joy from sharing a passion for the sport I love with young gymnasts. On the administration side of the program, I was able to gain a lot of business experience, which lead me to interning at Target.”

Destiny Cobbs studying abroad in Costa Rica
Destiny Cobbs studying abroad in Costa Rica

Like Cobbs, Honors graduate Erik Grover was another crucial leader on this campus. Grover, a pre-medicine student majoring in biochemistry/molecular biology, served as a campus ambassador, as well as a biology and chemistry tutor and supplemental instruction leader. Grover especially appreciated his time in Honors, noting it was another extremely rewarding part of his undergraduate experience. 

“I really enjoyed having the freedom to pursue interesting and worthwhile courses as part of the University Honors Program,” says Grover. “The Program allowed me to round out my undergraduate education and while I thoroughly enjoyed learning about science, I was also able to pursue other interests. I learned about everything from ancient Greek literature, history, politics, and music. Having the opportunity to pursue my other interests was an awesome part of being involved in the Honors Program.”

From pursuing doctorates in mathematics and speech-language pathology, to traveling the world, to working for one of the highest ranked hospitals in the nation, these graduating students have bright futures ahead of them.

“In the fall, I’m starting a Speech and Hearing Sciences PhD program at Ohio State,” says Arzbecker. “I’m excited to continue to grow as an academic, and to attend a larger university. Getting paid to go to school is the ultimate dream—turns out pursing my PhD and becoming a professor gets pretty close to that!”

With interests in the conservation of endangered species, Bacon will return to Scotland to pursue a master’s in applied animal behavior and animal welfare at the University of Edinburgh.

“It's a little nerve-wracking to take that step,” says Bacon, “but I'm excited to be around the animals, and especially to go back to a place I love.”

Cobbs looks forward to working for Target Corporation as an executive team leader in the fall, after a great experience with her internship with the company.  

Erik Grover at the Medical College of Wisconsin
Erik Grover at the Medical College of Wisconsin

“I plan on going back to school within the next two years to pursue a master's degree in human resources or project management,” says Cobbs. “I hope to stay with the company for a long time and would love to work in its corporate offices after completing my master's.”

Grover will be attending the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee in fall 2019 for his M.D., and is eager to continue on the path to becoming a physician.

“Currently, my career goal is to become an orthopedic surgeon,” says Grover. “My desire to pursue this career comes from previous knee surgeries I had and the positive interaction I had with the surgeon. Also, I am technical in nature and enjoy working with my hands. I know this career will provide me with an opportunity to improve the quality of life of the patients I serve.”

There are plenty more inspiring, high-achieving students to highlight, and we look forward to recognizing them all at the University Honors Program Graduation Ceremony & Reception this Friday, May 18.

Once more, congratulations to the following University Honors graduates!

May 2018 University Honors Graduates

Brianne Ackley – English, Creative Writing
Lian Arzbecker – Communication Sciences & Disorders
Madison Bacon – Psychology, Behavior Analysis; English, Creative Writing
Michael Barr – Management
Tori Beckmann – Psychology
Nicole Bellford – Journalism
Michael Berry – Nursing
Erin Brault – Spanish; Organizational Communication
Charissa Cable – Psychology
Katrina Chu – Nursing
Destiny Cobbs – Management
Margaret Connors – Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Lily Cook – Mathematics, Actuarial Science
Stephanie Corry – Nursing
Brianna Cran – Nursing
Andrew Dahl – Chemistry
Jaryn Danz – Music, Applied Instrumental
Patrick Disterhaft – Biology
Brooke Doll – Nursing
Bram Faledas – Psychology
Callie Fischer – Biochemistry/Molecular Biology; Spanish
Hailee Grannan – Chemistry; Biology
Erik Grover – Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Emily Gullerud – Mathematics
Michaela Gunseor – Psychology; Business Administration
Emily Gyorog – Nursing
Sydney Halley – Nursing
Brye Hedeman – Spanish
Laura Helgen – Spanish, Linguistics
Jess Hendrickson – Communication Sciences & Disorders
Tennie Jacobson – Mathematics
Jennica Jahnke – Nursing
Meaghan Kelly – Organizational Communication
Katelyn Kleutsch – Biology
Kayla Kolstad – Communication Sciences & Disorders
Courtney Kommer – Nursing
Elizabeth Laskowski – Materials Science, Chemistry of Materials
Elizabeth LeMay – Business Economics; Business Finance
Danielle Mares – Biology
Sandra Martin – Marketing, Marketing Analytics
Mike McDonnell – Physics; Applied Mathematics
Megan McHenry – Social Work
Hailey Nelson – Communication Sciences & Disorders
Saffron O’Brien – Communication Studies
Jennifer Oppor – English, Critical Studies in Literatures
Ashley Pike – Liberal Studies
Ashley Pohlman – Biology
Molly Quinlan – Kinesiology, Human Performance and Sports Pedagogy
Maxwell Reisner – Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Sydney Schoeberle – Integrated Strategic Communication, Public Relations
Thomas Schuler – Computer Science, Software Engineering
Anna Sessions – Chemistry, A.C.S.
Paige Shafer – Psychology
Magdelena St. Ores – Broadfield Social Studies Teaching, History and Geography
Quinn Steiner – Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Joshua Stringer – Kinesiology, Human Performance and Pre-Professional Studies
Christy Thomas – English, Creative Writing
Jessica Treuthardt – Kinesiology, Human Performance and Pre-Professional Studies
Aaron Tryhus – Psychology
Jordan Veloso – Nursing
Max Voss – Biology
Alison Wagener – Teaching, English
Justin Wilcox – Management, Operations & Supply Chain Management
Cara Wiskow – Mathematics, Statistics
Alanna Witter – English, Rhetorics of Science, Technology, & Culture
Steven Witzeling – Music, Composition
Hayden Yokes – History, Public History
A’lea Yonker – Psychology
Sierra Zellner – Political Science, Legal Studies
Erin Zigler – Communication Sciences & Disorders
Katie Zuelsdorff – Biology