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Steven Hobert ’06

| Diane Walkoff

Steven Hobert ’06, a UW-Eau Claire music graduate, is a freelance performer, composer and teacher in Minneapolis. He released his first solo piano album, “Ocean Eyes,” in September 2014.

Hobert describes his piano compositions and improvisations as “swirling and swaying through a magical landscape of haunting harmonies, driving grooves, playful phrasing, symphonic textures and simple folk melodies.”

Hobert performs at a wide variety of venues, from concert halls to churches to senior homes — and with jazz groups, vocalists, klezmer bands and tango groups.

“I believe music can be a powerful tool of expression and of compassionate connection, and I seek to use music to facilitate community and healing,” Hobert said.

While Hobert’s passion for music was ignited at a young age, the faculty and students at UW-Eau Claire were pivotal to his post-college success.

“My years immersed in the music program at UW-Eau Claire helped propel me into my life’s work,” Hobert said. “I was inspired by faculty like Robert Baca, Nobuyoshi Yasuda and Donald Patterson — as well as countless passionate students — to explore and follow my own voice, pay attention to details and seek out learning opportunities at every moment.”

More about Hobert, including music clips, can be found on his website,