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NSF grant supports open-communities research project

| The View

Matt Germonprez, associate professor of information systems at UW-Eau Claire, is the recipient of a $399,094 grant from the National Science Foundation's Virtual Organizations as Sociotechnical Systems program. The grant will support research examining how and why organizations participate in open communities, as well as what universities should be teaching students about open community participation.

"The findings of this project will lead to the improved effectiveness of open communities in addressing societal and organizational challenges," Germonprez said. "We plan to apply our findings to higher education curriculum to create strong synergies between practice and education."

Germonprez's project is titled "Organizational Participation in Open Communities."

An open community is a community of people sharing time, energy and expertise in the ongoing creation of value for the participants and the overall system, Germonprez said. He and his team will use the Linux open-source community as the basis for their study.

Germonprez is the sole principal investigator on the three-year research project, which will run through 2014. Participating organizations are The Linux Foundation, IBM, Telco Planning Inc., Meyer Sound Laboratories Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Co. The organizations are working closely with the project team in the development of research and pedagogical findings.