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Bill Underwood as storyteller

| Ann Hoffman

Just after Bill Underwood graduated from UW-Eau Claire in 1993, he traveled to Copan, Honduras, to assist an art professor who was there photographing the Mayan ruins she had been studying and writing about for many years. He said the trip, supported through an art history grant, was one of the most transformative experiences he’s ever had.

“It was during this trip that I developed a love of travel and different experiences,” he said. “For a kid from central Minnesota, the idea of going to Copan, Honduras, a place years before I would’ve never even known existed, really opened up new worlds for me.”

Underwood is now opening new worlds for UW-Eau Claire students seeking an international experience with the creation of the William Underwood Study Abroad Scholarship, which he and husband Chris Everett have supported since 2010. Visit for details.