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Champions of EDI: Dr. Stacey Jackson

Dr. Stacey Jackson


Dr. Stacey Jackson

Dr. Stacey Jackson is an assistant professor of psychology and a counselor in Counseling Services who joined UW-Eau Claire in 2017.

She is the faculty advisor for the Marginalized Identity Status and Trauma (MIST) Research Lab. Jackson's research is heavily geared toward social justice and empowerment of students of marginalized identities on college campuses. Implications from her research projects aim to address psychosocial, environmental and political structures within academic institutions and the greater community which may be problematic for this student population.

Jackson teaches "Introduction to Psychology," "Black Psychology," "Theories of Counseling" and "Multicultural Counseling." She heavily contributes to the EDI initiatives on campus through her teaching, scholarship and service. An example is her creation of the Women of Color Process Group within Counseling Services. This group provides a safe space for undergraduate and graduate women of color to process their various experiences on campus and how their racial and cultural identities play a role in these experiences. The group aims to serve as a source of support and encouragement, with group discussions that empower all in attendance.

Jackson was born in Canada and came to the United States at the age of 18 on a soccer scholarship. She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from South Carolina State University; her master's degree in community psychology with a specialization in African/black psychology from Florida A&M University; and her master's degree in African and African diaspora studies and her doctorate in counseling psychology from The University of Texas at Austin.

When Jackson is not engaged in work-related activities, you can find her working out, enjoying a good movie, trying new foods, singing, dancing, traveling, playing a pickup game of soccer or enjoying the outdoors with her family. Also see a Blugold Spotlight video featuring Jackson.