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UW-Eau Claire signs agreements for NTC, WITC social work transfers

| Denise Olson

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire recently signed agreements with two area technical colleges that will make it easier for students to successfully transfer to UW-Eau Claire and complete the university's bachelor's degree in social work. 

Through the agreements, made with Northcentral Technical College and Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College, students at those institutions who complete the associate of applied science degree will be able to transfer their credits to UW-Eau Claire and apply them toward the university’s liberal education and social work requirements. NTC students will receive credit for 64 of the 66 credits taken prior to transferring to UW-Eau Claire, and WITC students will receive credit for all 64 credits taken prior to transferring. 

As a result of the agreements, most NTC and WITC students who transfer to UW-Eau Claire to pursue their bachelor of social work degree will need to complete only four semesters of coursework.

“With good planning, these students should be able to earn a bachelor's degree in two years,”  said Dr. Leah Olson-McBride, associate professor and chair of the social work department at UW-Eau Claire. “These articulations create access for individuals in our region to further their education and increase their employment opportunities.”

Incoming transfer student Cara Arrowood is pleased to receive such a high number of credits for her online associate degree from NTC, and have the opportunity to complete her bachelor's degree in social work.

"I've been working hard for four years and have over 100 credits completed, and this new articulation agreement acknowledges my time and effort — I am so grateful for that,” Arrowood said. “I'm excited to be coming to UW-Eau Claire and becoming involved with my classmates and peers in person, rather than purely online."

Olson-McBride sees great value in the agreements for both students and and UW-Eau Claire.

“It has been our experience that students coming from the human services programs at NTC and WITC possess a wealth of valuable information gained via their associates’ level course work,” Olson-McBride said. “The UW-Eau Claire department of social work wants to ensure that those students obtain all the credit they are entitled to if they choose to pursue a BSW degree at our institution. We look forward to working with many more NTC and WITC graduates in the future.”