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Service-learning success story: part 2

| Lucy Grogan-Ripp

Walking around the spring Community Action Fair, the Center for Service Learning was able to connect with a few individuals who had especially unique service experiences that led them from volunteer to intern or full time employee. In this series, they share their remarkable stories with us.

Things came full circle for one hard-working Blugold at the spring 2018 Community Action Fair. Kaitlyn Primeau, a sophomore political science major at UW-Eau Claire, attended the fall 2017 Community Action Fair in hopes of finding internship or service-learning opportunities. When she stopped by the Campus Harvest Food Pantry booth, she found exactly what she’d been searching for.

Campus Harvest Food Pantry (CHFP) is a campus run food pantry available to students who identify as needing food assistance. CHFP is solely operated by student volunteers and their services are only available for college students. According to their website, “Campus Harvest is an easy way for our campus community to become a more unified whole. A majority of our products are collected through donations (both monetary and nutritional) from the campus and community.”

Upon talking with their representatives and discovering an opening for an intern position, Kaitlyn applied right away. Soon after, Kaitlyn was offered the position and graciously accepted.

Kaitlyn began her internship later that month, where they put her in charge of various duties across the organization. Among the many things Kaitlyn does as an intern, volunteer coordination and food organization take up most of her time.

When asked about what drew her to apply at Campus Harvest Food Pantry, Kaitlyn stated, “[I wanted] to get a different perspective, and it’s been an amazing experience to work firsthand with a service that students need.”

Fast forward to February 2018, and Kaitlyn is back at the Community Action Fair; this time as the organization’s representative. As Kaitlyn works to recruit her fellow students at the fair and her service experience comes full circle, she hopes to gain new volunteers and spread the word about the amazing work done by CHFP.