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Blugold Helps Young Students Participate in Government

| Elliot Adams

Jackson Lindquist, a senior at UWEC majoring in psychology with a certificate in legal studies, decided that to complete his service-learning he wanted to work with high schoolers in the YMCA’s Youth in Government program to inspire interest and passion for the government. 

The YMCA Youth in Government program is an extracurricular activity for high schoolers that puts students in a mock government at the local, state, national, or international level. Lindquist, who aspires to be a lawyer, decided to work with the judicial branch and advise the students working in the mock judicial department to share his passion with the highschoolers. 

“It’s exposed me to a lot of very smart youth in Eau Claire. There’s a lot of wisdom in these kids, and I think the program itself fosters civic responsibility and an ability to talk about things that are hard to talk about.” 

At the start of the fall semester at UWEC he knew that if he was going to be able to graduate this semester he needed to find a way to fulfill service-learning. So Lindquist went to the Service-Learning and Community Engagement Fair and explored his options with the variety of community partners who advertise to students here on campus. However, when Lindquist got into contact with the Youth in Government program, he knew that was the project calling him. 

“I have a lot of experience in constitutional law from my certificate and when talking to my supervisor, Jen Zwicky, there was nobody really working with the Supreme Court. With my background, she thought I’d be a good fit.”

Every Sunday Lindquist helps the students involved with the Supreme Court work through court cases, debates, and studying case law precedent to prepare for a final three day event in the state capitol in Madison, Wisconsin.

This project has served as a great learning experience for Lindquist with helping share his passion of law with children. Additionally, thanks to the legal studies program at UW-Eau Claire, Lindquist was able to use complex lessons and simplify it to teach the students with the Youth in Government program. Thanks to Blugolds like Jackson Lindquist, children in area schools have positive role models that show they can do anything with their interests.