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The McNair Scholars' Research Symposium Fall 2020

The annual McNair Scholars Research Symposium will take place Nov. 25th, Dec. 2nd, Dec. 4th, Dec. 9th, and Dec. 11th from 1-2 p.m. via Zoom. The community is invited to hear the research presentations of 16 McNair Scholars in fields across disciplines.


Wednesday, Nov. 25th

Delaney Collins
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Muehlenkamp 
Major: Psychology & Social Work 
Research Title: University Counseling Center Staff's Capability and Comfortability in Working with Students Who Present with Serious Concerns/Issues

Christopher Murray
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Scott Whitfield
Major: Physics 
Research Title: String Inharmonicity

Ximona Pederson
Faculty Mentor: Nicole Jones & Dr. Christine Vriesema
Major: Physics
Research Title: Perceptions of Hearing Students towards Deaf People: A change within education

ZOOM LINK: McNair Symposium Day 1

Meeting ID: 860 1132 5333            Passcode: 971572


Wednesday, Dec. 2nd

Tyler Gonzales
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Paul Thomas & Dr. Phil Ihinger
Major: Mathematics, Research Emphasis
Research Title: Numerical Simulation of Atmospheric Passage of Interplanetary Dust Particles

Erica Nguyen
Faculty Mentor: Dr. April Bleske - Rechek
Major: Psychology
Research Title: Hindsight Bias in Judgments of Dating Couples

Hailee Sparks
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jamie Lyman Gingerich
Major: Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Research Title: Analysis of the Role of Gar-3 in Protein Localization to Primary Cilia in Caenorhabditis Elegans Relating to Polycystic Kidney disease

ZOOM LINK: McNair Symposium Day 2

Meeting ID: 894 4851 8356             Passcode: 473895


Friday, Dec. 4th

Keng Chang
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Thao Yang
Major: ACS Biochemistry
Research Title: Extraction and GC/MS Analysis of Compounds in the Seed of Winter Gourde Benincasa Hispida

Sam Downing
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Stacy Thompson
Major: Integrated Strategic Communications
Research Title: Picking Apart Parasite

Alejandra Serna
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jose Alvergue
Major: Business Administration
Research Title: A Walk in Her Shoes: How Women of Color Navigate Through a Predominately White Institution

ZOOM LINK: McNair Symposium Day 3

Meeting ID: 879 1703 4342                       Passcode: 763056


Wednesday, Dec. 9th

Cailen Andrews
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Matt Wiggins
Major: Athletic Training
Research Title: Effects of Music on Athletic Performance

Crystalina Peterson
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Selika Ducksworth-Lawton
Major: Public History
Research Title: Black Masculinity in the Civil Rights Era: Nonviolence Versus Armed Self Defense

Paige Suvanto
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mickey Crothers
Major: Psychology
Research Title: Clinician's Experience In Transitioning to Internet-Based Mental Health Treatment during the COVID-19 Pandemic

ZOOM LINK: McNair Symposium Day 4

Meeting ID: 875 9225 7033            Passcode: 666150


Friday, Dec. 11th

Madilyn Vetter
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Nora Mitchell
Major: Environmental & Ecological Biology
Research Title: Comparison of Leaf Damage and Trichomes of Wisconsin Helianthus Populations Grown in Varying Environments

Jordan Munos
Faculty Mentor: Dr. James A. Phillips
Major: Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Research Title: A Computational and IR Spectroscopic Study of OC-BX3 Complexes

Tiana Dorosz
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Anjela Wong
Major: Biology
Research Title: Cultural Competence Understanding and Application by Health Care Professionals

Ashley Gillett
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mary Beth Leibham
Major: Psychology
Research Title: Marriage and Divorce Perceptions Among College Students

ZOOM LINK: McNair Symposium Day 5

Meeting ID: 876 1635 3454             Passcode: 908829


The Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program is a graduate school preparatory program funded by the U.S. Department of Education and sponsored by UW-Eau Claire. Named after astronaut Dr. Ronald McNair, the McNair program aims to level the playing field in graduate education and diversify the American research community.