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McNair Feature Scholar: Meet Emmanuel!

Headshot of Emmanuel Castellanos
Emmanuel Castellanos, Cohort 19

Emmanuel Castellanos, Cohort 19

My name is Emmanuel Castellanos and I am a fourth year student at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire but am originally from Minneapolis, MN. I am a Psychology major with an emphasis in Behavior Analysis, I also have a topical minor which focuses on how immigration and deportation affects childhood. I am also a Resident Assistant in Chancellors hall and the Lead for the Peer Diversity Educators on campus. My desire to work for underrepresented communities expands from educating others to conducting research that can later be used to create a more inclusive society.

I am conducting research with April Bleske-Rechek in the Psychology Department.
My research surrounds people’s attitudes of immigrants in a college based demographic. In the spring of 2018 I gathered over 320 participants via classrooms. These participants were given one of 6 scenarios and were given an attitudes towards immigrants questionnaire that was used previously. Within the past several months there has been a larger media presence for displaying discrimination that happens to undocumented immigrants, and it is for this reason that I wish to emphasize the effects of attitudes on how legislation is passed that disadvantages undocumented immigrants. With the help of April I have looked at non-partisan research that shows people’s attitudes over the past decade. With this information I hope to bring the topic of how necessary story representation in the media is right now, and to show if people’s attitudes are changed with media representation. I am interested to see, like in Hamil’s study in 1980, if people’s opinions are unaffected by being told the reality of a story that they are told.

My post baccalaureate goal is to attend graduate school for Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Mental Health and LGBTQ+ identities.