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McNair Program welcomes new group of students, honors graduating class

| Madigan Knuth

UW-Eau Claire is known for outstanding undergraduate research, and Blugolds from a variety of backgrounds have been breaking new ground in several areas of study the past several months. For many students, that discovery and dedication to learning does not end after they earn their bachelor’s degree.

For students in the Ronald E. McNair postbaccalaureate program, education is an ongoing process that never really ends.

The Ronald E. McNair postbaccalaureate program is excited to announce our graduating class of 2016, Cohort 16 Scholars. They will be entering graduate school to continue their research this fall as they pursue advanced degrees at universities across the country. Cohort 16 includes:

  • Carissa Baier, UW-River Falls, speech-language pathology
  • Michael Bomber, Michigan State University, geography
  • Drake Bortolameolli, St. Cloud State University, geography
  • Lauren Gilstrap, North Dakota State University, art history
  • Kyle Lobermeier, University of Iowa, chemistry
  • Cory Long, Hofstra University, communication
  • Neil McMillan, Wake Forest University, health and exercise science
  • Alex Munger, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, vocal coaching and accompanying
  • Alexandra Tredway, University of North Texas-Dallas, behavioral analysis
  • Jarred Wieser, Syracuse University, mechanical and aerospace engineering

As the talented students from McNair Cohort 16 move on, we are thrilled to welcome 2016 Summer Research Institute Cohort 17. The students, and their individual research projects, include:

  • Carly Goedhart: The synthesis and characterizations of aryl compounds as useful chemical switches.
  • Kimberly James: Are the discriminative stimulus effects of haloperidol in rats affected by chronic but limited access to sucrose?
  • Yer Lor: The effects of cultural knowledge and exposure on speech and language assessment.
  • Clorice Reinhardt: Designing molecules as anti-cancer agents targeting quinone reductase.
  • Nicholas Reitano: Sustainable Nanoscience: safer, greener recovery of noble metals from nanomaterials.
  • Megan Schilling: Predictors of mental illness stigma in college students.
  • Joshua Stringer: Correlation of biodax stability system SD static and dynamic balance assessments and subjective gait analysis in individuals with Down Syndrome: A pilot study.
  • Ashley Sukhu: An investigation into the effects that language choice and messaging strategies have on institutional responses to bias incidents in university settings.
  • Sarah Loew: Clinical perfectionism and electrophysiology of error processing.
  • Emilio Taiveaho: Critical perspectives on the poetics of landscape and personhood in late-twentieth century America.
  • Jenna Jandrt: An investigation of differences of attitudes and effectiveness of pedagogical philosophies and practices of Montessori and traditional school approaches to educational learning and socialization.
  • Kyle Tollefson: The cause of color change in Tourmaline crystals: An infrared spectroscopic investigation.
  • Ashley Lato: Synthesis and purification of biocompatible nanoparticles for protein dynamics studies.
  • Tiffany Huynh: Exploring the interplay of dynamics and catalysis in E-Coli Prolyl-RNA synthetase using quantum/molecular mechanical simulations.
  • Sheikh Jammeh: Critical perspectives in black studies: The poetics and biopolitics of the contemporary African dispora.
  • Alexander Woodworth: Being Alone: The Phenomenology of Loneliness.

McNair scholars will be presenting the results of their research at the National McNair Conference in October, and at the McNair Program Symposium at UW-Eau Claire Dec. 12-14 at the Davies Center. Invitations will be sent out to the entire campus later in the semester.

We hope that you will have the opportunity to participate and learn all about the terrific research projects the McNair scholars are pursing this fall.