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McNair Featured Scholar - Meet Cailen!

My name is Cailen Andrews, and I’m from Madison, WI. I’m a senior in the Athletic Training program at UWEC. 

I’m doing research with Dr. Matthew Wiggins looking to explore if music can affect how well individuals perform in a variety of tests designed to assess specific skills critical to sport. We plan on using both a broad jump and the Illinois Change of Direction Test to assess lower-body power and agility. Research currently contains literature to both support and refute the use of music as a performance enhancer. The methods in the articles contain a variety of methods, but none that use only functional tests.  

After graduating from UWEC, I plan to pursue a Post-Professional Master’s in Athletic Training. Doing this will allow me to obtain more clinical experience and build on my current knowledge of the field of Athletic training. Long-term, I want to work with D1 or professional sports. Obtaining a master’s not only looks good, but also will provide me with more knowledge and help build upon my strengths and weaknesses to a necessary level needed to achieve my end goal.