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McNair Feature Scholar: Meet Paige!

Paige Suvanto, Cohort 21
Paige Suvanto, Cohort 21

My name is Paige Suvanto.  I come from a very small town in the upper peninsula of Michigan,  and I moved to Eau Claire Wisconsin to attend the university to earn my bachelor’s degree in psychology.  

I am a McNair scholar working with Dr. Crothers to research the effects clinicians faced when having to switch to internet-based therapy due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to further look into how they handled the changes in professional life relating to their personal life as well as gather information from a number of clinician’s experiences with conducting internet based therapy with having no previous exposure conducting that form of therapy. Our goal of this research is to provide new information on the effects of the current pandemic on clinicians to show how the word of therapy has changed and to deliver clinician’s experience to others to better assist those conducting online therapy.  

After achieving my bachelor’s degree in psychology, I want to work towards a masters or possible doctorate degree in a form of therapy that being either cognitive behavioral therapy or acceptance and commitment therapy.