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McNair Feature Scholar: Meet Erika!

Erika Nguyen, Cohort 21
Erika Nguyen, Cohort 21

Erika Nguyen is a senior at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. She is pursuing a BA in Psychology with a minor in Biology. She is from Rochester, Minnesota and transferred to the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire in 2018 from the University of Minnesota – Rochester. 

Erika is working with Dr. April Bleske-Rechek in the Individual Differences and Evolutionary Psychology Lab. Last year, the pair worked with Eleni Seyoum and Stephanus Badenhorst (Cohort 20) researching the ambiguity of the concept of microaggressions. The two are now working on their primary research, which is an experimental test of hindsight bias in the context of romantic relationships.  

Outside of research, Erika loves to write and learn about other academic disciplines! She is currently part of the Center of Writing Excellence on campus working as a writing assistant under the guidance of Dr. Jonathan Rylander. Multiple times a week, Erika helps students on campus improve their writing capabilities and engage with creative, multi-faceted thinking. Erika is also passionate about striving for equity, diversity, and inclusion within the UWEC and local community. She has taken great strides in advocating for marginalized groups, such as being part of the EDI Rapid Action Task force during winter 2019. In this task force, Erika did extensive research to cultivate effective initiatives to improve the experience of BIPOC students on campus. Outside of school, Erika is a freelance artist and has created commissioned work for local businesses, such as t-shirts and art to be displayed in their stores.  

After receiving her bachelor’s degree, Erika plans to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology and continue doing research while working with youths in underprivileged communities.