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Sociology study of elderly Chinese health status

Lauren Bollaert has been working closely alongside Sociology professor Jianjun Ji in a study titled, “An Analysis on the Health Status of the Chinese Elderly.” This study uses data collected in China on over 1,000 Chinese elderly and was tested for relationships of variables to their health status. Gender, age, marital status, amount of money saved, and possession of state stipend were a few factors that were analyzed.

Because of the vast amount of data that needed to be analyzed, Lauren met with Dr. Jianjun Ji at least once a week. He kept an eye on her work throughout the entire process, and worked with her until they were both completely satisfied.

Through this work, I have gained a lot of experience through the entire process of a research project, as done by sociologists in the field. I have been able to test data, analyze it, and put in into a paper and presentation format to share with the rest of the community,” Bollaert said. "He helped me a lot in making connections, introducing me to people in China and the Viterbo University."

This project gave Lauren a taste of what a sociology major would be doing in grad school, and helped her get a head start on the experience. Though stressful at times because she did not work with another student, Lauren has powered through and created an amazing project that she will be presenting in China in the future.

Lauren Bollaert and Dr. Ji recently attended an International Conference on Oct. 15th in Denver. The event was a jointly held by the Association of Chinese Professors of Social Sciences in the United States (ACPSS) in Collaboration with Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU) and the Community College of Denver Confucius Institute (CCDCI). They presented at the conference their paper based on a college students survey on knowledge and perspective on the relationship between China and the United States of America.