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entrepreneur AND entertainer

| Denise Olson

Nick Anderson
business management/entrepreneurship major

Like many young men, Nick Anderson had rock star dreams. What set Nick apart, however, is that he possesses the talent and ambition to make it happen. Despite his inclination to skip college, like several of his musical heroes had done, Nick quickly saw how a business degree from UW-Eau Claire might be just the ingredient he needed to make his music dreams come true. After all, the music industry is just that — an industry — and earning a degree in entrepreneurship would provide him with the business skills to successfully drive and manage his own music career. The entrepreneurship program in the College of Business gave Nick the kinds of networking and communications skills that helped him build meaningful relationships in his personal and music worlds. With the support of the professors and alumni he found at UW-Eau Claire, Nick is not only completing his degree, but he's already toured with Saving Abel, earned sponsorships from Reverend Guitars and Dean Markley Strings, become a published author and released three albums. As an entrepreneur AND entertainer, Nick Anderson is making himself the rock star he dreamed about being years ago ... AND that's pretty powerful!   

Photo credit: Kyle Lehman Photography