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building a park AND building a resume

Kyle Gostomski is using the skills he’s gaining through his business classes to create new opportunities for people in Eau Claire who share his passion for skateboarding. For two years, the senior marketing major has been gaining real-world experience by helping to develop Eau Claire’s only public skateboarding facility in a city neighborhood park. To help the project succeed, he’s working closely with the Eau Claire Skaters Association, a local organization that promotes skateboarding as a positive and creative recreational activity in the Chippewa Valley. He’s met with community members and local business owners and lobbied members of the Eau Claire City Council. As he goes about his work, he’s helping to make the voices of Eau Claire’s skateboarders heard while shattering skateboarding stereotypes with his sharp suits and professional presentations. Kyle believes his experiences with the park project will help him succeed as he pursues a career in social media advertising and public advocacy. Kyle Gostomski is pursuing his passion of skateboarding AND gaining real-world business experience. And that’s pretty powerful!