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athlete AND advocate

| Megan Strop

Kate French loved diving at Arrowhead High School and dreamed about competing at the collegiate level, but feared she would not be good enough to dive when she enrolled at UW-Eau Claire. Kate decided to join the diving team as a walk-on, and since earning her place on the team, she has become the captain and qualified for regional competition for the Blugolds. Kate's decision to dive in has changed her life during her four years at UW-Eau Claire.

Although it took Kate a little time to feel at home on campus, she eventually fell in love with the school and knew she was in the right place. Kate decided to become more involved on campus in many ways beyond her decision to join the diving team. Kate played a pivotal role and joined other students to restart the Student Philanthropy Organization (SPO). She worked with other executive board members to gain recognition for the organization, increase volunteer opportunities and recruit more members for SPO. Kate loved doing this so much she became president of SPO and has increased membership and volunteer opportunities in the community.

The experiences and opportunities she has gained from both diving and being the president of SPO have fostered her growth in other aspects of her life. As an athlete, she set personal goals for and worked hard to achieve success. She has also been inspired by her teammates, and Kate has learned how to develop a support system that helped her strive for excellence. As the president of SPO, she has been able to empower and encourage her peers to volunteer, and Kate has utilized her organizational skills to keep SPO running smoothly.

Through her experiences here on campus, Kate has been able to find her passions and learn how she wants to live her life. As a leader on the dive team AND the president of SPO, Kate is committed to becoming a person who helps, serves, inspires and empowers others for the rest of her life… and that’s pretty powerful!