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Dr. Larson receives healthcare simulation educator certification

Congratulations to Dr. Gunnar Larson who recently became a Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator (CHSE). This certification was awarded by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH).

SSH has more than 3000 members and was established in 2004 to represent educators and researchers who utilize a variety of simulation methodologies for education, testing, and research in healthcare. The focus is to improve performance and reduce errors in patient care using simulation methodologies, including manikins and standardized patients. Larson, DNP, RN, is currently the College of Nursing and Health Sciences Simulation Center Clinical Instructor and responsible, with his colleague Nita Johnson, MSN, RN, for developing and implementing simulation scenarios for nursing undergraduate and graduate students and health organizations within the community.

The certification program for educators is a voluntary, but formal process that validates the knowledge, skills, abilities and accomplishments essential for educators to deliver quality healthcare simulation activities.

The College currently implements several types of simulations utilizing different manikins (two Laerdal SimMan 3Gs, four Laerdal SimMan Essentials, twelve Laerdal VitalSims, one CAE PediaSIM, one Laerdal VitalKid, one Laerdal SimBaby, one CAE Lucina and one Gaumard Noelle birthing simulators, eight lower fidelity geriatric and multicultural full body simulators and seven low fidelity babies) located in seven video recording / streaming capable rooms (hospital, clinic, and home care).