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CONHS awards nearly $100,000 in scholarships

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences has awarded $96,715 in academic scholarships for 2015-2016 to over 60 undergraduate and graduate nursing students. Solid academic records and strong commitment to various areas of nursing service were the criteria for many of the scholarships.

Descriptions of each scholarship and this year's recipients are listed below. Photographs from the event are posted on the College's flickr site.

Tina Emerson Nursing Scholarship   
Liana Reiland –Durand, WI –DNP Student
For graduate students who have completed at least one semester of the nursing program. Ms. Emerson was an instructor with the College until her death in 2014. One of her dreams was to earn her PhD and teach nursing. She was committed to nursing education.

Renee Foiles Nursing Scholarship  
Tom Gugel –Ashdod, Israel - Sophomore
Meghan Pasineau –Saint Cloud, WI - Senior
For graduate and undergraduate nursing students. Ms. Foiles is a career-long nurse who is wishing to benefit nursing students.

Mary E. Granger Nursing Scholarship  
Megan Huntley –Stillwater, MN –Sophomore
For sophomore, junior, or senior full time nursing students. Ms. Granger is a 1974 nursing graduate who is the co-owner of Comfort Keepers, which provides nursing services to individuals wishing to remain comfortably in their homes.  

Norma "Kay" Wymore RN Scholarship   
Kari Stinson –Amery, WI –DNP
Student  For nursing students with a commitment to exemplary patient care through compassion, empathy, and preservation of patient dignity. Mrs. Wymore was an LPN who devoted her career to providing superb patient care to patients, placing their needs and welfare above all else. She also was an ardent supporter of education.

John and Hilde Bacharach Scholarship
Rachel Stein –Edina, MN –Senior
For students majoring in nursing with an emphasis in community or public health;must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Mr. Bacharach was the Director of the Eau Claire City County Health Department and Mrs. Bacharach taught German in the Foreign Language Department.

William Bartlett Native American Nursing Scholarship
Angel Schmidt –White Lake, WI –Sophomore
Sarah Weigman –Green Bay, WI –Junior
For Native American students who demonstrate professional commitment, personal integrity, and the potential for success in nursing coursework.

Bauer Built Family Health Nursing Scholarship
Courtney Nase –Columbus, MN –Senior
For students interested in family health nursing who show promise in the nursing profession. Bauer Built, through the efforts of Mr. Jerry Bauer, established this scholarship in recognition of the great need for health care professionals in Wisconsin.

Guy and Lauren Brubaker Nursing Scholarship           
Amanda Beyer –Unity, WI –Junior           
Deu Yang –Weston, WI –Junior
For students who show promise in nursing. Mr. Brubaker is a UW-Eau Claire biology alum and Mrs. Brubaker is a neonatal nurse.

Helen Brunclik German Nursing Scholarship
Elisabeth York –Elk Mound, WI –Senior
For undergraduate or graduate nursing students, with preference being given to nontraditional students. This scholarship was established by Dr. John Thurston, a long-time professor of psychology at UW-Eau Claire, and a clinical psychologist. Dr. Thurston created this scholarship in honor of Ms. Helen Brunclik German, the former Director of Nursing of the Luther Hospital nursing program.

Anna and Andrew Burish Nursing Scholarship
Danielle Droessler –Kronenwetter, WI –Sophomore
For first-generation college students in nursing with strong academic records and great promise as nurses. Mr. and Mrs. Burish are first-generation college graduates (in business);Mr. Burish is one of the nation's top financial advisers. They appreciate the role nursing professionals play in our communities.

Marguerite Coffman Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Chelsea Guden –Marshfield, WI –Junior
For an undergraduate or graduate student in nursing with at least a B+ grade point average and motivation and commitment to the nursing profession. Ms. Coffman was the founding Dean of the School of Nursing and served the University from 1964-1977.

Elisabeth Coolidge Nursing Scholarship
Jessica Maass –Marshfield, WI –Junior
For junior or senior undergraduate students engaged in clinical practica with great promise in the field of nursing. Preference is given for nontraditional female students. Mrs. "Bette" Coolidge was a nurse anesthetist.

Loretta Donnellan Nursing Scholarship
Stephanie Hurst –Mayville, WI –Junior
For students who show academic ability and promise in nursing. This scholarship was established by Mr. David Donnellan, who was very committed to the Eau Claire community through civic affairs, and through a contribution from the Presto Foundation.

Eau Claire Student Nurses Association (ECSNA) Scholarships
Alaina Gussert –Greenbay, WI –Senior (leadership role)
Jessica Pearson –Maplewood, MN –Sophomore (study abroad)
Nicole Rukamp –Hillsdale, WI –Senior
Three scholarships were created: 1) For an outstanding student who has been an active Eau Claire Student Nurses Association (ECSNA) participant, preferably having served in a leadership position;2) for an outstanding student who will be participating in an international study abroad experience;and 3) for an outstanding student who shows great promise in nursing. Student recipients must be active members in ECSNA and demonstrate community service. 

Gerontological Nursing Scholarship   
Debra Callow –Elmwood, WI –BSN Completion Program     
Eva Spiering – Colfax, WI –BSN Completion Program
For students in the BSN Completion program who are currently working in long term health care, including nursing homes, group homes for the elderly, or assisted living facilities.

RN/BSN Scholarship
Jennifer Mazur –Hixton, WI –BSN Completion Program
For nurses with associate degrees who are completing their BSN degrees at UW-Eau Claire. This scholarship was established by seven RN students to acknowledge and support their nurse colleagues.

Dr. Harold and Helena Ray Huston Nursing Scholarship
Amanda Houle –Eau Claire, WI –Senior
Kylee Meddaugh –Stevens Point, WI –Sophomore
For nursing students with proven scholastic ability. Dr. Huston was a respected Eau Claire area physician.

Charles M. and Isabel Ihle Nursing Scholarship   
Sadie Lor –Cottage Grove, MN –Junior
For students with strong academic backgrounds and minimum GPA's of 3.5. Dr. Ihle was an orthopedic surgeon in the Eau Claire area. Both of their sons also practiced medicine in Eau Claire.   

John M. Kildahl Family Scholarship  
Rachel DeRusha –Eau Claire, WI –DNP Student  
Julia Turner –Eau Claire, WI –Senior
For full-time undergraduate or graduate nursing students with good potential for careers in nursing. Mr. John Kildahl was chairman of the board of McDonough Manufacturing in Eau Claire, one of Eau Claire's oldest companies.

Lopas and Cicenas Family Scholarship
Madelyn Fellinger –Appleton, WI –Senior
Jennifer Mathias –New Berlin, WI - Sophomore
Savannah Nelson –Marshfield, WI –Junior
For nursing students with special preference given to Wisconsin residents with widely diverse backgrounds.

Donald and Leatrice Mathison Nursing Scholarship
Jeremy Argiro –Weston, WI –Junior
Rachel Svendsen –Cameron, WI –Junior
Laura Barnes –River Falls, WI –Junior
For nursing students who show promise in the nursing profession and academic achievement. Mr. Mathison taught math for many years and served as the first principal of South Middle School. Mrs. Mathison was an administrative secretary in the District Office of the Eau Claire Area School District.

Mayo Clinic –Eau Claire Foundation –Nursing Scholarship  
Jennifer Mazur –Hixton, WI –BSN Completion Student   
Liana Reiland –Eau Claire, WI –DNP Student    
Rebekah Wood –Fall Creek, WI - Junior
For outstanding undergraduate or graduate nursing students with preference given to Mayo Clinic employees.

Robert and Judith Mickelson Nursing Scholarship
Naomi Windham –Minneapolis, MN –DNP Student
For nursing students of proven scholastic ability. The Mickelson's are UW-Eau Claire alums and supporters of various UW-Eau Claire programs. Mrs. Mickelson was the Evening Nurse Supervisor for the Appleton Medical Center. Mr. Mickelson was employed in communications and public relations work in Appleton at Aid Association for Lutherans, now Thrivent Insurance.

Vera Nelson Nursing Scholarship
Lea Harel –Cadott, WI –DNP
Student For compassionate and giving nursing students who are residents of Chippewa County and who plan to remain in the County following graduation. Mrs. Nelson was a kind and caring nurse at the Northern Colony in Chippewa Falls.

Rodaynah Obaid Nursing Scholarship
Lea Harel –Cadott, WI –DNP Student
Nicole Lauffer –Altoona, WI –Junior
Carli Slaney –La Crosse, WI –DNP Student
Lori Thompson –Medford, WI –DNP Student
For nursing students who exhibit high academic achievement and records of service and caring. This scholarship was established in memory of Rodaynah Obaid by her husband, Dr. Sal Obaid, a deeply respected Eau Claire physician. 

Lila Shelley Nursing Scholarship
Nicole Rukamp –Hillsdale, WI –Senior
For nontraditional undergraduate nursing students in good academic standing. This scholarship was established by Dr. Timothy Shelley, an area physician, as a memorial to his wife.  

Marsha M. (Zuehlke) Steffen Class of 1969 Nursing Scholarship
Rebekah Wood –Fall Creek, WI –Junior
For nursing students with good motivation and commitment to the nursing profession, with preference given to Eau Claire Memorial High School or Eau Claire area high school graduates. This scholarship was established by Mrs. Marsha Steffen (class of 1969, nursing) and her husband, Mr. Robert Steffen (class of 1968, business administration).

Frances Sundet Memorial Scholarship  
Sarah Anundson –Muskego, WI –Sophomore 
For outstanding students in nursing. Mrs. Frances Sundet was a nurse who practiced for nearly 50 years in the Chippewa Valley. This scholarship was established by Mr. and Mrs. James and Carol Sundet in memory of his mother.

Tri-County Medical Alliance Scholarship
Quinn Bradley –Peshtigo, WI –Junior
For students majoring in nursing, environmental public health, and health care administration. This scholarship was established by the Tri-County Medical Auxiliary to acknowledge the important role of health care in area Wisconsin counties. 

Berniece Wagner Nursing Scholarship
Kaitlyn Long –Green Bay, WI –Junior
Karen Nakano –Salem, WI –Junior
Lauren Pittman –Amery, WI - Sophomore
Savannah Shortess –Marshfield, WI - Junior
For nursing students with academic competence, good motivation, and commitment to nursing. Ms. Wagner was one of the founding faculty members of the School of Nursing and served as the first Associate Dean.

Jeffery K. Walker Humanitarian Nursing Scholarship
Brooke Farrell –New Auburn, WI –Senior  
For nursing students who demonstrate a commitment to community service, with preference for students from Northwestern Wisconsin. This scholarship was established in memory of Mr. Walker, a nurse who attended UW-Eau Claire.  

Joan M. Wiensch Memorial Nursing Scholarship  
Amanda Dux –Neillsville, WI - Junior  
Jocelyn Etten –Delavan, WI –Sophomore   
Alexis Goedjen –Mauston, WI - Senior  
Jacob Johnston –Eau Claire, WI –Junior  
Shelby Owens –Mineral Point, WI –Senior
For graduate or undergraduate nursing students, with preference being given to graduates of McDonell Central High School in Chippewa Falls, or of Chippewa Falls or Bloomer high schools. This scholarship was established in memory of Mrs. Wiensch, who served for 23 years as a school nurse in the Chippewa Falls School District.  

Wisconsin Rural Opportunities Scholarship
Shanna Ellefson –Spring Valley, WI –Sophomore
For students from Wisconsin family farms or from a rural Wisconsin area (population of less than 20,000) majoring in nursing or environmental public health.

Gerald D. Woldt Nursing Scholarship
Ben Bogle –Chippewa Falls, WI –DNP Student
Sawyer Campbell –New Auburn, WI –Senior
For undergraduate and graduate students with at least a 3.2 grade point average. To increase diversity in nursing and to encourage more men to enter the profession, a preference is given for male students. Mr. Woldt, a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), taught and practiced in anesthesia. He retired from the U.S. Army (which included service in Vietnam) with the rank of lieutenant colonel in 1987 and from the civilian sector in 2006.

Marjorie S. Bottoms Scholarship
Kari Stinson –Amery, WI –DNP Student
For graduate students in the nursing administration or education role preparations;in honor of Dr. Bottoms, a former Associate Dean and Educational Administrator of the School of Nursing.

Audrey Bryan Memorial Scholarship
Lisa Erickson –Dresser, WI –DNP Student
For graduate nursing students with a strong interest and enthusiasm for working with families with children. Dr. Bryan was a member of the School of Nursing faculty from 1987 until her death in 2001. 

Elizabeth Barnes & Robert Fugate Memorial Scholarship
Kate Hansen –Tomah, WI –DNP Student
Heather Haun –Neillsville, WI –DNP Student
Kendra Joswiak –Rochester, MN –DNP Student
Kelly Thiel –Appleton, WI –DNP Student
For outstanding and deserving students enrolled in the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program. Dr. Nancy Fugate Woods is a graduate of our first nursing class and is the former Dean of Nursing and current Professor at the University of Washington School of Nursing. She established this scholarship in honor of her parents.

Mayo Clinic –Eau Claire Foundation–Nurse Practitioner Scholarship   
Rebecca Biasi –Eau Claire, WI –DNP Student 
 Jillian Smith –Eau Claire, WI –DNP Student
For graduate students in the nurse practitioner role preparation who are registered for at least 7 credits for each of their final two semesters of their program.  

Major John Toivo Kallio Memorial Scholarship
Angela Colby –Colby, WI –DNP Student
For graduate students with an emphasis in adult or family health nursing and an interest in AIDS or other terminal illness. Major Kallio worked at Sacred Heart Hospital as a staff nurse and as a clinical nurse specialist and served on the nursing faculty at UW-Eau Claire.  

Elaine Wendt DNP Nursing Scholarship
Sabrina Meddaugh –Neillsville, WI –DNP Student
For an outstanding student in the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program, with a preference for students with a history of supporting the nursing programs at UW-Eau Claire. Dr. L. Elaine Wendt is professor and dean emerita of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences and was instrumental in helping the College obtain the entitlement to plan the DNP degree program.