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Five reasons why you should take a Winterim course

| Alison Wagener

Ah, winter break. That wonderful, long-awaited reprieve between fall and spring semester. A time to catch up with family and friends, soak up some holiday cheer, and most importantly, take that class you didn't have time for in your spring schedule.

Really folks, just imagine it. Throwing on your favorite PJs, watching the snow fall outside, and curling up with that immersive three-week course you never found time to pick up during the semester ... doesn't it sound just magical?

Even if learning over winter break doesn't sound like your cup of cocoa, taking Winterim courses in January — whether they're in-person or online — can seriously speed up your time to graduation, saving you money and time in the long run. But that's not all these classes have to offer. Check out five more reasons to consider Winterim!

1. Surround yourself with one topic

In the midst of essays, exams and team projects coming at you from all directions, do you ever find yourself wishing that you could take just one class at a time? That's what you get to experience when you take a Winterim course. 


2. Build strong class connections

Winterim classes typically have smaller class sizes than regular courses. So if your Winterim class is in person, you get to see the same small group of students every day. This often creates a super tight-knit learning community that's hard to come by in regular classes. Winterim classes also provide a great opportunity to make a lasting connection with your instructor.


Don't these students look like they're having a blast? This could be you for, like, three weeks straight.

3. Unique immersion opportunities

Many classes offered over winter break include domestic and international immersions. These trips are more than just travel. On an immersion experience, you'll face critically reflective challenges and transform your perspectives on cultural norms and values. You'd never have time to do all of that during a normal course!


The Social and Environmental Justice in Guatemala Winterim immersion allows students to experience social and environmental justice issues through hands-on engagement and interactions with Guatemalan community members.

4. Shorten your time to graduation

Out of all the reasons students choose to take a Winterim class, this is the most common. Taking classes over winter and summer breaks is arguably the best way to make sure you stay on track to graduate on time — or even graduate early! Although we hate to see you leave so soon, we know it's for the best. 


5. Explore a topic outside your major

Throughout college, we all have those what-if moments when we question our life choices and wonder what life is like outside of our field of study. Over winter break, you can take three weeks to explore a subject you've always been interested in, but never had time to seriously consider by taking a class in that department. This is your chance to expand your horizons and even discover a new passion.


There are a bunch of courses offered online and in person over Winterim, which runs from Jan. 3-20. Be sure to check out My Blugold CampS soon to see if any of them are required by your degree, and sign up soon. Registration for Winterim courses is available through Jan. 3, but class availability is dependent on the number of students who sign up.

For more information on Winterim courses, including tuition, fees, registration and financial aid, visit the Winterim page.