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Welcome to Winterim, Blugolds!

| Emily Wermund

While it may seem like we were just in the thick of finals week, it's hard to believe some Blugolds are already kicking off the Winterim session today. Jan. 3 marks the official snowy start of the university's three-week Winterim schedule, including in-person and online courses. For those students looking to take advantage of smaller class sizes, closer collaboration with faculty or squeezing in a class they couldn't fit in last semester, Winterim is the perfect opportunity to get ahead on degree requirements.


Catching up on academics is not the only buzz happening on campus this time of year. Athletics take full advantage of the Winterim weeks with men's and women's basketball and ice hockey, wrestling and women's gymnastics all in full swing. In fact, the No. 6 ranked Blugold men's ice hockey team earned a New Year's Eve win over Marian, collecting their 10th win of the season.

Some students even aim to maximize their Power of AND by participating in Winterim immersion trips to Ecuador, Guatemala, India and Thailand, or the annual Civil Rights Pilgrimage, leaving Jan. 6 on a tour through Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Tennessee.


We all recognize UW-Eau Claire as "Wisconsin's Most Beautiful Campus," but today, in particular, paints an especially picturesque scene of light snow dustings, frosty bridges and cozy coffee breaks. So while campus may appear snowed in and somber to the naked eye, there is plenty of Blugold activity happening both in and out of the classroom during the Winterim weeks.

They don't call it "snEau Claire" for nothing, after all.