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What I want employers to know about me

| CJ491 Students

Following is a collaborative essay by CJ491 students Emily Colosimo, Bryce Dokkestul, Natalie Donovan, Danielle Ferestad, Chelsea Fibert, Kallie Friede, Hanna Johnson, Kate Niestrom, Megan Peterson, Meredith Robertson, Katie Schmitz and Chase Thielbar.

I am a millennial, a kid born in the '90s, now navigating through a technology-driven world. I use different technologies and communicate in vastly different ways from other generations, but I am not defined by it.

Let’s reframe the meaning of millennial.

I pick things up quickly. I believe in hard work.  I want my employer to know that I am not afraid of a challenge. I persevere in times of instability. Even if I don’t have a skill you’re seeking in the job expectations, I am a self starter and a hard worker.

I am more than my major. My passions outside of the classroom and the office make me who I am — an employee who will be a valuable asset to your company. Multiple passions and interests mean that I can communicate with a diverse audience.

I want an employer who values their employees. I work best in an environment that is conducive to creativity. I want to work where I can be myself, collaborate with others and still have the opportunity to work independently. I work well with co-workers but I’m not afraid to be a leader, kind but strong willed. I want my employer to know that it is important for me to know that I am making a difference and can feel pride in my work.

I understand the difference between work and play, but I enjoy working-friendship relationships. I want to go to work and not feel the need to hide. I love having a close-knit environment to work in and I hope to have a great relationship with my co-workers.

My passion for travel has opened my mind to the world around me. It has given me a wider perspective on the world and made me more culturally competent. I try to understand different cultures and attitudes, and am willing to learn more. I challenge things that seem out of place. I see problems in the world and seek ways to change them. I am passionate about making a difference.

I work better when challenged and enjoy new experiences. Challenge me. I want a career in a field where I am excited to go to work every day. I have many things to offer. I want you to teach me what I don’t know so I can help build on your successes.