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Walking to class is so last year

| Isaac Risseeuw

The commute to class just got a little bit shorter as Blugolds will be riding in style this fall on their university-issued hoverboards.

The new wheels were made possible through an impressive anonymous gift to the UW-Eau Claire Foundation.

"I signed for a package last week for my co-worker who was out for lunch," said Tori Follett, UWEC Foundation employee, "And the next thing I knew, a semi truck was backing in full of hoverboards!"

The mysterious gift will provide an educational component to the campus as well. The new wheels will shorten downtime between classes, which allows an additional five minutes of instruction for each section.

To make use of the hoverboards year round, construction will soon begin on the Sidewalk 2020 initiative, which will enclose all walkways in glass. Say goodbye to those winter parkas, as the new tunnels will be heated to provide maximum comfort.

Disclaimer: Please refrain from using your hoverboard to get up the hill. In the event of spontaneous combustion, please use one of the newly installed fire extinguishers placed strategically on the incline and alert campus authorities. Also, happy April Fool's Day.