Voting: What Blugolds need to know

Exercising the right to vote is fundamental to the health of our representative democracy. Here is what UW-Eau Claire students need to know before voting in Wisconsin.

Before you vote

Individuals must register before voting at the polls. If you haven't registered before election day, you can register at the polls when you go to vote (see "Where to vote" below to determine your voting location).

Students should remember to do the following before they can vote:

  • Meet the 10-day residency requirement. Voters must live in the district or ward in Wisconsin where they wish to vote for at least 10 consecutive days before election day.
  • Present proof of residency. Students registering to vote at the polls must present proof of residency (proof that you live at an address within the district or ward where you wish to vote). UW-Eau Claire students may download a voter verification form from MyBlugold CampS that provides proof of residency. Instructions for downloading the online form are on the UW-Eau Claire Records and Registration website.
  • Present an acceptable photo ID card at the polls. Your UW-Eau Claire student ID (Blugold card) may or may not be an acceptable voter ID. If your Blugold card includes your signature AND you renew it every two years, it is acceptable as a photo ID. Other acceptable photo IDs include a Wisconsin driver's license, Wisconsin state ID card, military ID card or passport. If you do not have one of these, you can trade in your old Blugold card for one that is an acceptable voter ID at the Blugold Card office on the first floor of Davies Center. NOTE: You must have an acceptable government-issued ID with you when you trade in your old Blugold card.

Do your research

Look in advance at the races and any referendum questions that will appear on your ballot, and then do your own research so you can make informed choices on election day. To view your ballot ahead of time, enter your address on the My Vote Wisconsin website.

Where to vote

UW-Eau Claire's Davies Center is the voting site for Wards 20 and 24 of the city of Eau Claire:

  • Students living in the upper campus residence halls reside in Ward 20.
  • Students living in the lower campus residence halls reside in Ward 24.

Students living off campus can check the My Vote Wisconsin website to determine their wards and polling locations.