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Three ash trees to be removed Aug. 12-13

| Daria Hutchinson

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire grounds department instituted its emerald ash borer plan in 2014. Since then, tree management has included yearly removal and replacement of ash, as well as treating 12 trees on campus with botanical insecticide to protect and retain some of the larger specimens. 

The majority of the ash trees are located on the east side of the Hass Fine Arts Center. In preparation for having the trees injected this year, grounds staff noticed a significant decline in several of the trees due to pressure from the close proximity of infected ash trees along the Chippewa River.

In consultation with Eau Claire city forestry supervisor Matt Staudenmaier, it was recommended that three of the 12 ash trees be removed, with continued monitoring and treatment of the remaining nine located on north and lower campus. Removal is scheduled for the weekend of Aug. 12-13.

The university plans to have a tree-planting ceremony during Homecoming week in October to replace the trees and diversify the planting in this area of campus. UW-Eau Claire established its arboretum in 2016 during the university’s centennial year. The 100 trees planted became the foundation of the campus arboretum and inspired the campus to achieve its Tree Campus designation.

For more information about the campus tree-care plan or locations of the ash trees on campus, please contact Daria Hutchinson, landscape architect, at or follow the link to the online campus map and arboretum information at