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research scientist AND resource for industry

| Denise Olson

When UW-Eau Claire senior Eric Miller graduates with a degree in materials science, he will be able to add a pretty impressive experience to his résumé — the position of WiSys Campus Ambassador.

WiSys Technology Foundation is a nonprofit supporting organization of the UW-System, serving as the dedicated technology transfer office for the 11 four-year comprehensive campuses, 13 two-year colleges and the statewide UW-Extension. The purpose is to facilitate connections between industries looking to produce and market products, and the campuses where research is happening that can support or benefit that process.


“Eric has been a huge asset to our Ambassador Program as well as to researchers and students on the UW-Eau Claire campus," said WiSys associate director Jennifer Cook.

In his role as one of 11 WiSys Ambassadors, Eric works to increase business community awareness about WiSys and its research funding efforts across the UW System. In addition, Eric is focused on helping the business community access WiSys resources designed to support technology development and entrepreneurial activity. After training in intellectual property law and technology transfer processes, Eric and the other ambassadors work to engage students in undertaking innovative research that can support the entrepreneurial mission of WiSys as well as the academic mission of UW-Eau Claire. Eric's research with Dr. Jennifer Dahl  has shown him firsthand how vital the research happening on campus can benefit Wisconsin industry and businesses. Eric, a University Honors student, is confident he will be prepared to make a difference when he leaves UW-Eau Claire.

"This experience will be very useful to my future career because it has given me valuable experience on the business side of scientific research. On a personal level, the ambassador program has helped me to further develop my communication skills."

In representing UW-Eau Claire materials science and engineering as a WiSys Ambassador, he is serving as both a scientific researcher AND a resource for industry ... and that's pretty powerful!