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Research explores male-female friendships

| Judy Berthiaume

Sorry, guys, but she really does just want to be friends.

A new study headed by Dr. April Bleske-Rechek, professor of psychology at UW-Eau Claire, finds that men are more likely to define a female friend as “a member of the opposite sex to whom I am attracted and would pursue given the opportunity.”

Women, however, tend to define their opposite-sex friends as simply “a friend of the opposite sex.”

The most recent study builds on earlier research that found men report more attraction to their opposite-sex friends than women do.

The research, recently published in Evolutionary Psychological Science, was featured in New York magazine’s online Science of Us section. You can read the New York story here.

Photo caption: Dr. April Bleske-Rechek is a professor of psychology at UW-Eau Claire.