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Register today: Film screening for Women's History Month event

| Denise Olson

Photo caption: This campus banner features Wangari Maathai, the first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize; also the first female Ph.D. (biology) from East and Central Africa, and the first-ever female professor in her home country of Kenya.

As part of the campus recognition of Women’s History Month, students, faculty and staff are invited to take part in a film screening and a March 22 virtual discussion of a Tribeca Film Festival documentary examining discrimination against female scientists.

The 2020 film “Picture a Scientist” chronicles a shift in the landscape for female scientists, profiling three women who take viewers on a journey through their experiences in STEM, ranging from years of subtle slights to brutal harassment. Producers seek to “provide new perspectives on how to make science itself more diverse, equitable and open to all.”

A review from Boston’s public radio show “The Artery” says, “Through three women scientists at different stages in their careers, the new documentary ‘Picture a Scientist’ combines poignant firsthand recollections of sexist and racist treatment with indisputable current data.”  Minnesota’s Sun This Week magazine called the film “insightful, informative, inspirational, poignant and candid.”

The film screening and discussion is hosted by the UW-Eau Claire Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) program; the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center (GSRC); and the Women and Gender Minorities in STEM student organization.

Creanna Cote, an academic advisor in life and health sciences and an affiliate instructor in the UW-Eau Claire WGSS program, coordinated the screening and online discussion.

“The film highlights a culture of harassment, toxic cultures and inequity within STEM fields,” Cote says. “The screening has been paid for by GSRC and is also available to view through the library by students, faculty and staff. The discussion will be hosted by WGSS faculty, Dr. Rose-Marie Ave, Dr. Rae Langes and math and WGSS alumna Bridget Lee. It is a powerful film and should prompt viewers to ask questions about the climate and culture of STEM on our campus and beyond, along with seeking ways to create positive change.”

Dr. Rose-Marie Avin, director of the WGSS program, is pleased to be able to continue critical conversations like those prompted by the film.

“Women’s History Month is necessary not only for reminding us of our achievements but also of the challenges that we are still facing today,” Avin says. “The film ‘Picture a Scientist’ demonstrates in vivid detail how women are still marginalized. Our goal in showing the film at UW-Eau Claire is to start a conversation around the role of racism, sexism and misogyny in acts of bullying, gender discrimination, sexual harassment and violence.”

RSVP by March 11

Participants can view the film at their own convenience March 13-15, and must RSVP by today, March 11.

To access the film, please RSVP by filling out this short survey. Details about the screening and discussion will go out to those who RSVP by March 11. People with questions or difficulty accessing the survey can email

EDI Tier 2 credit

The film is being offered as Tier 2 EDI credit; to obtain credit and receive an Outlook calendar reminder of the discussion, please register via the CETL EDI system here: