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Public funding for higher ed: Expanding the discussion

| Julie Poquette

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire has started a national conversation about the very real impact on public regional universities of state budget cuts like those recently passed in Wisconsin.

UW-Eau Claire Chancellor James Schmidt had the opportunity to visit with editorial staff at Inside Higher Ed, which resulted in a story posted July 29 that brings the work of UW-Eau Claire's faculty and staff into the national spotlight. 

Schmidt shared the story of how the UW-Eau Claire campus community is addressing the challenges of the recently passed 2015-17 Wisconsin state budget, including making difficult decisions that preserve the excellence that is the university's hallmark. 

Comments following the story, as well as a July 30 follow-up post by an Inside Higher Ed blogger, continue the conversation about how public regional universities like UW-Eau Claire should move forward in the face of unprecedented fiscal challenges. 

Read the Inside Higher Ed story "Struggling to Stay True to Wisconsin's Ideals" and blog post "Meanwhile, in the Provinces ..."