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Proposed graduate curricular changes in College of Arts and Sciences

The following courses have been proposed as new or revised graduate course offerings or for deletion from the graduate curriculum. If you have questions or objections, contact Dr. Margaret Cassidy at or 715-836-3152 within 30 days of this notice, published Dec. 17, 2015, in UW-Eau Claire Announcements.

New Course Proposals

BIOL 505 Molecular and Cell Biology, 4 crs
CJ 518 Topics in Communication and Social Advocacy, 3 crs

Revision of Existing Course
AIS 644 Theory and Methodologies in American Indian Studies, 3 crs (change of Catalog title and Catalog description)
BIOL 500 Genetics, 4 crs (change of credit hours, course components, and course content timetable/outline)
CJ 550 Human Resource Development, 3 crs (change of prerequisites)
CJ 607 Leadership Communication, 3 crs (change of prerequisites)
ENGL 507 Editing and Publications Management, 3 crs (change of prerequisites)
ENGL 591 Travel Seminar, 1-3 crs (change of Catalog description)
HIST 546 American Environmental History, 3 crs (change of prefix and credit restriction)
MATH 651 Teaching Mathematics with Technology, 3 crs (change of when typically offered)
MUSI 670 Opera Literature, 3 crs (change of when typically offered)
SPAN/LAS 552 Latin American Civilization, 3 crs (deletion of cultural diversity designation)

Course Deletions
MUSI 628 Music in the U.S.A., 3 crs